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2000 Frontier CC short bed 4x4 V6
2"BL 3" SL Heavily modded

Rear Driveline angle is off, bearing keeps ripping every 4 months or so.

Question is, after torquing down the carrier bearing nut, the bearing does not spin freely by hand. It is very tough. With cheap replacements I often get a whining noise, and vibration. Is it supposed to spin as freely as a wheel? All the vids of other rigs I see spinning.

I'm working on the angle to co-incide with all my tools when offroad. Also looking into one piece shaft from 2004 frontier and adding double cardan, or is that not necessary?

Also the small rubber rings in the middle are they supposed to be removed? Spicer says no but local shops say yes. Every time when replacing bearing the rubber ring's are disintegrated.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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