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Carried a 4x8 with the tailgate locked on a angle

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I found out that if I unhook my tailgate straps and hook them onto the tailgate latch posts, the top of the tailgate was from what I saw, the same height as my wheel wells. I was able to slide a sheet of ply on top of the wells and the tailgate. I still strapped it to the rail system so it could not go any where.

I am just wondering if any one else does this?

Cheers. (New 2010 Pro 4x Crew owner, and love the truck!)
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ya know. these threads come up every so often and I still dont have a picture of the bed of my truck..

I have a 10" dam in front of the fenders and two 2x4s behind the fenders in the appropriate spots on my bed liner. I have added a couple supports under the back 2x4 after I found the bed liner couldn't support 5 sheets of 3/4" ply wood.
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