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Carbon fiber intake

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:hi: hey guys just thought id share a side project ive had for a few weeks. i had ordered up a new intake cover to paint/colornatch white, thought it liven up that dark engine bay. anyways turns out i used somthing called di-noc by 3m. this stuff is amazing! it will adhear to just about anything. i bought white carbon fiber. the best part aside from about 7 colors is it actually feels like carbon fiber. this stuff isnt cheep though, about 15 bucks a square foot. but trust me if your after a carbon fiber look this is the way to go, that is without actually doing carbon fiber. i sprayed a coat of clear on it to give it nice finished look, it all depends upon your taste and liking.

i am still waiting to get some graphite color in so i can finish it all up; will post more pictures finished. hope this helps any of you or i hope you simply enjoy it!

pm me with any questions.
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i think it looks really good. where did u buy it?
i know it would be pricey but i wonder how cool my intake would look with it. its the black k&n i might try this nxt month
oh wow good thing i had some unexpected expenses
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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