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Can I tow a 6x12 v-nose enclosed trailer??

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Hey guys, I'm looking at getting a 6x12 v-nose enclosed trailer to haul a couple dirt bikes. Do any of you have experience hauling an enclosed trailer? I have an 06 crew cab nismo. Two dirt bikes will be around 560lbs and the trailer is around 1500 lbs. I would also have to add the gear to that which would be around 300 lbs max. So around 2300 lbs max. Would I be ok? I know the towing capacity is more than that but I would like real world experience.
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dose the trailer have electric brakes? the truck can tow and stop that size trailer all day long. going to have a MPG hit but that happens anytime you tow. The big issue is the brakes stopping a 3K trailer (going conservative here) for a long trip will wear your truck brakes. If it has trailer brakes it will make life 1000x nicer towing and stopping it. When you load the trailer and set the ball just make sure the truck is level with the rear lift.
another thing is getting the tongue weight right. for loads under 2k lbs you want a tongue weight that doesn't go over 200 lbs and for loads over 2k lbs you want your tongue weight around 10-15% of your total weight of your load so about 230 lbs to 345 lbs to keep everything as balanced as possible
I tow a 7' wide, 7' height and 14.5' long horse trailer, with my 4x4 SE kc2008. Empty weight is about 2800lbs. It's not a Vnose, but not straight one. When backwind, following a truck or downhill, I use overdrive loaded or empty. So I use overdrive only when truck don't shift everytime, and when conditions give it chance to maintain speed. I have electric brake on both axles. It's a must. Since last summer, I use a weight distributing hitch. A realy good purchase for me. Don't have any trouble on hills. Braking is good enough with trailer brakes. Change my diff fluid at 26000 km (16500 miles). Wanna give it all better conditions I can. Keep an eye on tranny, but fluid looks great. Don't have any overheating problem with both engine or tranny. But we almost never went over 30 celcius (90 F). I tow from 1 to 6 hours in a row without trouble.

Keep en eye on tire pressure (truck and trailer) bearing and brakes on trailer, don't use your truck like a GM3500 duramax, place your cargo correctly (weightr distribution) and all shoulb be great.

total weight with 2 horses, my dog, girlfriend and all cargo is about 5500lbs. Everything is allright
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Ive towed the race car 3200# on an open dovetail trailer weighing 1500# and single axle electric brakes without issue, even without trailer brakes too, but you need to leave even more room and take your foot off the gas early and then brake if no trailer brakes.... youll be fine.
thanks guys. I'm going for a single axle w/elec brakes.
I have. Here is a link with a couple of pictures and some notes from a trip back in 2007. Pulling the trailer was easy around town and no problem. On the highway it felt like pulling a parachute. Make sure you have drop axles.
I've got a 16x7 enclosed flat nosed trailer that I tow with 2-3 quads and a couple dirtbikes in it.....never had an issue pulling it behind my Nismo.
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