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Camber bolts

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I am installing a AC 3' suspension lift in my 2004 SC frontier. I am removing the uca's and I have gotten the ball joint sepatated but I cannot remove the camber bolts. Any help??
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I did all that and a lot more. I did take the camber plates off the nut side. Heat, penatrating oil (slick 50), pnumatic chisel, nothing will make it move even a hair.
I just got a sawzall and the rest is history. The AC lift bolted on easy. My torsion bar adjusters were in very good condition. I would suggest to anyone planning on doing this to buy a few more things. I would just buy the camber bolts, you just spent a grand on the parts buy some bolts. they are about 15 bucks a piece. maybe you might need the adjuster bolts, I didn't. I ended up cranking the torsion bars pretty tight, I just bought the low profile bump stops and I will be getting the ball joint spacers. the lift gives you more travel and the bump stops and the spacers give you more clearance and height without cranking the t-bars so tight.
nutsandbolts I wish I would have talked to you a few weeks ago. I also wish there was a post like this for me to read before getting into the project. Anyways one last thing there is a very nice write up on the X-forums.
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1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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