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Camber bolts

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I am installing a AC 3' suspension lift in my 2004 SC frontier. I am removing the uca's and I have gotten the ball joint sepatated but I cannot remove the camber bolts. Any help??
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Before cutting them off. Try soaking the bageezers out of them and let them sit at mentioned above. Then before you try to loosen them, try tightening like a 1/4 turn or more. This way you may be able to crush and loosen the corrosion between he parts and set them free.

This will be your best advice posted yet. I just (in the last few weeks) got done installing my 3" AC suspension lift. I broke my camber bolts trying to free them, so I had to get them cut the rest of the way off. Be prepared to spend around $60-75 on these. AC does sell them, they don't list it online, but you can call or email them and they will hook you up. I would just go new, it will make your next alignment much easier for whoever is doing it.

I would also get new torsion bar adjustment bolts, but that's up to you. Mine stripped from all the rust and were hard to turn. So new ones will be nice to have since you are doing all that other work.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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