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You really should have cam bolts that have eccentric washer (lobes) on both sides. I see the RC ones do not. If you don't have the 2 washers then the pivot bolt (cam bolt) can shift to the side.
This are the ones you have

Below are 3 examples of pivots. The left is the pro comp one with more alignment than stock. The center is the factory nissan on with the tick marks. The right is the non cam of the 06+.

I do not think it really matters which direction your bolts are pointing. I think I have my two bolts pointing inwards to each other. The question is how are your cam bolts adjusted. did you center them on install or did you follow Brutal DYI alignment guide. From you numbers I would think that you just centered them; essentially no adjustment with the cam bolts.

So you took it to an alignment shop to have the numbers checked, but they did not actually do any adjustments. Is this a shop that offers free alignment inspections. Talk to the shop asked them if they will do a three angle adjustment with the cam bolts. some will enter your truck model/year into the computer and tell you "it says there are no adjustments for camber and caster, sorry we will only adjust the toe". Even though you added the cam bolts they will tell you it is their policy not to touch any aftermarket parts, blah blah blah.

Here is what I would do for adjusting the cam bolts. Your caster numbers look pretty good but you camber is terrible. Use the cam bolts and push the lower control arms out as far as they will go. That means all four bolts as far to the outside as possible in the slot. The center mark on the fattest part of the lobe will point towards the center of the truck. This should get your camber closer to 0 or slightly in the negative (good). Brutal's guide says now to bring the front cam bolts all the inboard. This will pull the wheel forward and max out the caster. But since your caster numbers are good (don't think that driving the camber more negative like we did in the first step will change the caster or not) I don't think I would do this step. I would give the left side a couple of ticks, not past center of the slot, to give it a little more caster so that it matches the right side. Eye ball the toe, then take it to the shop to get some numbers. Or have them align the toe.
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