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Calmini bed mounted light bar

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Just finshed installing calminis new bed mounted light bar... i think it looks great on the truck. install was really easy. i will have lights put on it after i upgrade my alt to 115v alt...

here are the pic's

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bob the bed. itll look awesome.
The bed will be going away when i do my bed cage. so no reason to bob the bed.. besides i'm not a fan of bobed beds....
Im about an hour's drive away from calmini (right now) so i just went and picked it up. ordered it on monday picked it up on wednesday. KC's factory bed length was a 6' bed... i hate the look of the Crew cab short beds.... the Crew cabs look disproportioned. anywho thanks for the props guys... this will be my last purchase from Calmini... unless they come out with something else i can use.
theres pics/video floating around on the site somewhere of the truck out in the desert... :D
no, had 5" hella lights on it... then they got stollen while i was underway..... truck will be up for sale here in a month or so....
1 - 5 of 15 Posts
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