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calmini 5" lift

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does anyone know if the calmini 5" lift kit come with everything yuu need to life the truck?
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There is a dude selling a complete kit, here! I think it has aftermarket coilovers too! His name is sandtoy.

Here is the thread.
thank you both.but unfortunatly its not somthing im gonna be able to do real soon i just need to gather info. also can anyone tell me how the truck rides after installing the kit and if there were any problems that arose after putting the lift in?
Sorry, I jumped the gun. I do not have one, but from what I hear, if its paired up with aftermarket coil overs, the ride is as good or better then stock. And the biggest down fall that I hear a lot is you cant do any hard core offroad.

Thats all I got, sorry. Try searching it. Top right coner is the search tab. Prollt find a lot of info actually.
well the truck will be mainly staying on the street.i just want somthing that if i went off road would give me the better clearences and what not ,and also the more agressive apperance
apperance it will give you. Better ground clearance it will not. It actually takes some clearance away.

Search it. ppl have posted picks of it on there truck, so you can see. The braket its self is what takes away a little from what you had stock.
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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