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Cabin Air Filter on 2003?

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I have an extended cab 2.4 pickup 2wd. Does it have a cabin air filter? I couldn't find any reference to it in my repair manual, but Autozone's webiste lists a part for it. Of course, that doesn't mean it's there! Haha

And yes, I know how cool the shell is. Haha I tried to find one in black, but I'll just paint this one at some point. It's getting hard to find aluminum shells! I picked this one up while I was in Sacramento, couldn't find any in good shape anywhere near San Diego...
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In-Cabin Microfilters 2000-2004 Xterra :: Nissan Parts, NISMO and Nissan Accessories -

This is what I found on courtesy nissan, might want to take a look under the glove box. I may pick one up myself.
You might not have one but you can add one. Mine didn't come with one. Its very easy to do. Pull the glovebox and look for a cover that is about an inch wide and 6 inches high near the blower moter.
Hey thanks for the info! I'll check it out tomorrow, maybe I will put one in there if there isn't one...
Mines a '02 4bang and I don't have one. Learned the hard way. Bought a new filter got home and tore my dash apart.
Good lookin truck BTW.
Shift- When you pulled your dash apart, there wasn't a way to add the filter? Poking around elsewhere online someone said you might have to separate a part where the filter goes? I guess I should just pull the glovebox and find out for sure. Shouldn't take very long...

The Courtesy Nissan link mentioned something about removing a reinforcement bar, wonder how hard that is to get out of the way? When I did the cabin air filter on my old CR-V I just removed one bolt and bent it out of the way to get it in. There didn't seem to be any easy way of getting to the other bolt without removing much more of the dash on that "truck" haha I know it's not a truck.
Instructions are in your owner's manual for the microfilter starting on page 8-23. If you don't have it, here's a link.

As far as I know they all came with the slot and door for the filter, but not all trucks came equiped with the filter itself. Mine has never had one installed, so I plan on cleaning my coils with some cleaner like this. It's available at Home Depot for about $6.

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mine had no slot. just a solid box where it should be. A friend that owns a repair shop told me that some base models don't come with them. As far as taking the glove box out its like 4 or 6 screws?
I was surprised mine came with the slot... mine was as base as base can be - the only option it had was A/C (if that's even optional). No sliding back glass, no tint on the rear windows, steel wheels, no intermittant wipers. The former owner said he even had to buy the back bumper and have it installed. Maybe it changed from year to year...

Yeah, my truck doesn't even have tilt steering! Somehow it has factory CD player, but no intermittent wipers or anything like that. The only real thing I miss is the tilt steering. I would put it up one notch and it would be fine, but the wheel sits pretty low.
No tilt here either, and the wheel is a little in my line of sight to the gauges... I can't see the high beam indicatior without ducking a little. The wiper switch is an easy plug-n-play fix. Ditto on the CD player... I think they used that radio in pretty much everything.

Yeah, I can't really see the turn signal indicators on my gauges. It's really annoying. I even tilt the seat back some for a better view of the gauges. I bet the hardest part of doing the wipers is finding the switch... I'll check out the link though.
You end up upgrading your wheels or any of those other plans you had listed? Mine doesn't have rear seats either, it would be nice to put one back there but the only one of these trucks I've seen at any of the yards was already stripped down to nothing.

Check out Auto Parts Market - it's the Hollander search engine online. Very good source for used parts.

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