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I'm thinking of buying a 05 to 10 frontier with an automatic transmission. I heard about the failures due to the radiator contamination. Did it also affect it on 4 cylinder engines?

What other issues should I look for with a 4 cylinder engine?


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Not to high jack thread, but I have a related question. Is the 5 speed auto used with the 2.5 the same as the one used with the V6? Or is it weaker?
Nissan offers 3 transmissions for the Fronty. The FS5R30A (5sp manual), FS6R31A (6sp manual), and RE5R05A (5sp auto). The 6sp is only avail behind the 4.0L VQ, the 5sp is only behind the 2.5L. The auto is behind both.
Despite what some naysayers have pushed, it is a good trans. Can you mistreat it and expect it to keep smiling? No. But few can today. I would compare this to the GM 700R4. When it came out everyone would say it wasn't as strong as a TH400 (not entirely wrong). But as people began to use it they overcame the weaknesses with rebuild kits and LOVED that they had the strength of a TH400 with overdrive (no more screaming down the highway @ 65mph & 3Krpm). Same with the RE5. If you replace the radiator in a pre-'12 truck you take care of the design flaw. There are also trans shops that will replace your valve body and reprogram the TCM if you add more power or just want crisper/firmer shifts.
The 1 thing that I wish Nissan would have done (in Frontier/Xterra) is given us manu-matic setting like Ive seen in some Pathfinders. That and ATRAC is where i believe Toyota has it over on Nissan. It was a dumb design choice on Nissan's part.

TLDR. the 2.5L has a strong trans.
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