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Hi All -
I joined to try and gain some insight on these late-model Frontiers. My wife wants one, so I'm looking at 2005 - 2009 or so Crew Cabs. It'll have to be an automatic, and I'd prefer a 4WD, but 2WD is an option as well. Prefer the LE (I think), with the roof rack, amd sunroof. Leather would be nice too, but beggars can't be chosers.
We're looking for a vehicle with 75k to maybe 125k miles on it.
I'd like to know what specific things I should look closer than normal at. What things tend to be problems, or fail prematurely. Electrical gremlins? Dash lights from faulty sensors, or actual problems? Catalytic converters or O2 sensors? AC system issues?
Just looking at what's out there, the only somewhat recurring problem I see is the transmission going out between 150k and 200k miles.
I had a 2008 Xterra 2WD as a company vehicle some years ago, put a crapload of miles on it, and really loved it with the 4 Liter. Only problem I had with it, was backlash in the differential. It whined, so they replaced it. Then TWICE, the service dorks cross-threaded lugnuts, and tried to give me some BS. They replaced an axle both times.
Anywho, all advice is appreciated.
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