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My bumper cover got murdered by a semi tire on the interstate, so it's time to do something about it. Cheapest option would be to just buy another cover and have it painted, which would be about $450. For that money I could buy the Calmini prerunner bumper but I've heard bad things about Calmini, so I'm shy on that one. My last option is to buy through 4x4parts or Shrockworks and just get a steel bumper which is more than double the price, but it looks really nice. It also gives me the option of using a hi-lift jack or winch. Does anyone have any of these bumpers? Do you like your truck with them? Has it been useful for you over a regular bumper cover/push bar combination?

Calmini prerunner, $430

Shrockworks, probably $1k with options

TJM, $825
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