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Bull Bar/Light Bar on Equator?

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Has anyone installed a bull-bar/safari-bar/light-bar/whatever-bar on the front of an Equator? I'm just curious if there is anything in the way that prevents using the commonly used Frontier parts - since the bumper covers are different.
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Just thought I'd come to add some info:

The bull bar for a Frontier mounts up fine to the Equator. There is a little bump on the front of the silver part of the Equator bumper that will contact the cross-bar of the bull bar, but just adjusting the angle of the bar downward alleviates this. You also MUST relocate the license plate, as the plate-bracket is in the way of the bar.

"Bump" on the bumper:

The license plate bracket sits exactly where the bull bar needs to be.

I took it off and used a metal hose/pipe clamp to fasten it to one of the vertical slats in the skid plate of the bull bar. The license plate then hides the clamp so you don't see it.


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I'm not sure if it actually has a name. It is a 3" bar without any major manufacturer's label. It came from eBay, US-AutoPartsDepot or one of their subsidiary seller names:

Combo:05-07 Pathfinder Bull Bar Black+Westin Light - eBay (item 270669907974 end time Jan-24-11 21:00:20 PST)

Mount points are universal, you can put whatever you want on the bar.
1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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