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I want to build my very first Pre Runner truck. What I have is a Nissan Frontier 2003 XE 4x4 with a Natural Aspirated V6 engine. (from what I can gather just by looking at it, may not be accurate tho because check the paper work and stuff. its was a gift from my uncle for getting my license and so on)

I don't have much idea about pre runners really except from what i can deduct by seeing one, but its not always accurate. So I'm not exactly sure which one is good or bad for my case.

Also, I don't a stable job and trying to keep this build at budget but with a good quality, sort of.

My list of things:

Suspension - Shocks/Struts - Debating between KYB Excel-G * KYB Excel-G Shock/Strut - Rear 344015 - Read Reviews on KYB Excel-G #344015 * and Ultra Gabriel * Gabriel Ultra Shock/Strut - Rear G63492 - Read Reviews on Gabriel Ultra #G63492 *
(Their what i feel i can afford right now, is there anything better that can handle a little abuse that is also quite cheap?)

Also looking for a lift kit, but none i can find that is cheap. Any way to safely lift my XE or cheap at least below $800?

And a Calimini, but they're expensive. Did anyone tried to make their own? If you did, the measurements or the blueprint of it would absolutely be helpful.

With only these in minds my possible cost will range about 1500...

Few things I also wanted to get:

New Set of Wheels - Any ideas which one i should get? are there any 100 a piece wheels that is worth it? *No chrome or fancy looking, they'd look ugly as hell in muds*

New Car Paints - I'm thinking of covering my XE with Plasti Dip. Is it worth it? Also any tips? I don't wanna spend like $500 for a new paint on shop if im just gonna put scratch on it.

The whole renovation would cost me about $2000 now.
How much did yours cost?

Any tips and suggestions would be very helpful on my preparation for my first Pre Runner.
Thanks ::grin::

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Poke around the 1st Gen Build Threads section, PLENTY of lifted trucks to choose from. Most everyone (on a budget) just uses an adjustable rear shackle and lifts the front w/ torsion bar adjustment.

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Sorry to say, but none of what you mentioned will make your truck anywhere even close to a true prerunner. Cheap and prerunner are not related.

To have legit prerunner suspension, you'll be cutting out pretty much all of the stock suspension and building custom. Nissan's in general don't get much love in this area, so most everything will need to be fabricated. You'll easily have $2000 just in a set of front coilovers/ bypass shocks/bump stops if done right. That's purely shocks, not all the other stuff you'll need to make them work. No kits out there, besides the Total Chaos Long Travel kit, even come close to making the truck a real prerunner.

Now that is to build an actual "prerunner", terms aside, what do YOU want the truck to do?
If you just want to go wheeling with buddies and drift sideways in some dirt, a T bar crank, quality shocks all around (monotubes if you want them to last), and some shackles as mentioned will do just fine. Once you try jumping / hitting high speed off road in the truck, all bets are off. Those cases are when you WILL break things, not if, but when.

Not trying to be an a** or discourage/ scare you, but rather just point out that you may not need to have all the prerunner bits to get out and wheel. On the flipside, I would hate to see you attempt real prerunner shenanigans with what you listed as you would be sorely disappointed in the results.

Something I wish someone told me in the beginning:

Take the truck out, as is, and see what it can do. If it already does everything you ask of it, great! No changes needed. If not, now you know what you need to change rather than throwing money at things that you may not need or work as you had hoped. Do it right, do it once.

Welcome! And good luck!

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Good advise from glamisdude.
My truck is used in desert racing but sees time as a prerunner.If you just want the " look" of a prerunner, do a cheap spacer lift, Fiberglas fenders, prerunner bumpers maybe a cheap light bar.
I use stock Nissan alloy wheels. Tires are 265/75/16 Toyo m/t. Nothing special but they cost $300 apiece.
Just drive and enjoy the truck is my suggestion. In the mean time , research prerunners and what it takes to build one.
What did mine cost? LOTS!! and the majority of the fab work I did myself.
Just to give you an idea , my rear shocks and bumps would blow your budget.

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We have a member on here, MetalAlien, that recently made his 1st Gen a prerunner. I think he dropped over $20k to have it done right.
Thanks for mentioning MetalAllen's truck.
Wanted to post his truck but could not remember his name, brain freeze.
After the 1000, my upgrades were about 20 grand. Crazy!!
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