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Couple days ago my speedo quit on me. It set off the check engine light. I searched high and low online to see if others had this issue. Lots of people do, no one ever seemed to post the solution. Well here it is for other newbs like me. It's the VSS or Vehicle Speed Sensor. It's located on the passenger side on/in the transfer case. It's the last sensor towards the back.

Other notes of interest in my search I found Nissan used the same sensor in 94 to 96 Hardbodys and 94 to 95 Pathfinders. If you have manual you must get one from a manual, if you have auto you must get one from an auto. Autos have a circle with a - in it, manuals have a circle with a + in it next to where the wires go into the sensor.

Real easy to remove unless it's stuck due to corrosion. You need outside snap ring pliers if new, and a 10mm socket. Unless it's stuck, then use some spray like PB Blaster and vise grips to twist it. Do not use a screwdriver and hammer to try and move the bracket, it will snap. I snapped 2 in the junkyard because I didn't bring any PB Blaster.

My tach still worked along with the rest of my guages except the speedo and odo. I did check the connections in the back of the cluster first before dropping a $100 on a new sensor. I also hit the junkyard, but was unable to remove one successfully from a manual.

I do have an auto one in case anyone needs one. Hopefully this helps someone else.
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