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broken blancer pulley

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well today i was tightning my belts up on my truck. and i seen a chunk taken out of the balencer pulley. so will it hurt anything to run it like this for a maximum of 1000 more miles? i dont know how long the chunk has been out. and will this cause the belt to snap prematurely?
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Based on the rust in the picture this didn't just happen. Looking at the belt is it getting chewed up on the edge? I'd repair it before it becomes an issue.

im plannin on replacing it. orderd the parts today. and new belts. but will it hurt anything to run it like this for a few weeks? until the parts come in? and how does this happen?
Maybe you kicked up a rock or ran something over and bounced up against it spinning.
I remember having the pulley on my Mustangs air pump break off at a light. I heard a bang and it took off from under the hood and rolled away from the car fast. I had to drive to catch up to it. lol
Sometimes strange things just happen.
I would imagine you'll be fine until the part arrives.

useally people useing a hammer on the balancer will do it everytime
Well got some info from Nissan today and they currently have 450 units on back order. Do they make aftermaket pulleys for our trucks?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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