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Bridgestone Revo 2's

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Bridgestone Revo 2's ::Update 12/2010::

:: Update below ::

Well, after reading all of the tire reviews on here, and surfing the web for as much info as I could dig up, I decided to go with a set of Bridgestone Dueler A/T Revo 2's.

I have only had them for two days now, but I really like them.
I went with the 265/75R16 10 ply (E rated) to get the most tire under the truck without modifications, and I really do not like p-rated or 6 ply tires on a truck. And no, they do not ride too harsh being a 10 ply tire

I decided to go with the revos because of all of the positive reviews, the look of the tread design, and the price I got on them.
I was considering the BFG A/T KO's because I have had them in the past, but I didn't want the added weight from the BFG's on my Frontier.

I picked them up from America's Tire Co. (discount tire), at the Tigard Oregon location. The guys there were great.

I will update this thread after I have a few thousand miles on them.

:: UPDATE ::

Well, I've had the tires on the truck for 15k miles, and have no major issues to report.

I have taken them from dry pavement to snow, and everything in between with out an issue. The following is my personal findings with the tires.

Dry Pavement:
I travel a 65 mile round trip commute each day for work. Most of this commute is rural highway (Highway 47 for the local Oregon guys). The tires hold true to the pavement even in higher speed corners. I have noticed that due to the ply rating, traveling unloaded over choppy pavement gets a little rear wheel hop action. I don't know if this is the tires specifically or just the handling characteristics of an empty truck/tire combo.

Wet pavement:
The tire disperses the water nicely, and I have found that it grips even in the standing water. On acceleration from a stop, I find that I must go easy on the right pedal, or I will break them loose, but not nearly as bad as the stock tires were. No complaints from me here.

Gravel Roads:
If one stays in an acceptable speed range, the tires perform great. I have found that there is a slight push in softer / deeper gravel, especially in the corners, but only when the speeds are above 40mph. The tires have held up well to the gravel abuse, no chunking so far, and have not needed any rebalancing.

These are not a mud tire, but I also did not want a mud tire. They have not let me get stuck, even in the sloppiest conditions. Of coarse I am not mud bogging the truck either, but that's not what I have it for. I have had the truck through 4-5" of thick sloppy mud (Tillamook Nation Forest), the kind of mud you don't want to walk in, and have had no problem. Keep your momentum and the tires clean out well. I am sure that I will be seeing more mud action this winter though.

Snow / Ice:
We have not had much snow or ice around since I have put the tires on, but I have made some trips to Mt. Hood with them. Compared to the stock tires, these were excellent. No tire chains needed, but if the snow had been much deeper I may have stopped and put them on. I expect these tires to serve me well this winter if the weather conditions get bad.

So, as you can see, I am really happy so far with my choice. I have only rotated them twice so far, and am due to again soon.

The only strange thing that has happened with the new tires has been the TPS system going off twice. Both times this happened; I was with my wife and children, coming back from the coast, through the coast range.
The TPS system flashed a few times, and then came on. All tires were checked, and pressure was at 45psi, no leaks. Once everything was checked, and I started traveling again, the TPS system reset it self and never came back on. I do not know if this is associated with the tires, one of the sensors, or just a change in elevation.

I would recommend these tires for any similar type of vehicle as our Frontiers. I can not say if they would work for the HD trucks out there, as I have heard that they do not old up long in a big HD truck application, but again I do not have any experience with this.

I hope this helps anyone trying to decide on which tire to choice, as there seems to be a large selection out there to chouse from.
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I've had 2 sets of the Revo's and they have been great! I would expect nothing less of the revo 2's. Take some pics too!:)
Pics and total price? Was Tigard cheaper than Hillsboro?
I hope the Revo2s are as good as the original Revos. My Revos were the best tires I've ever owned. Amazing tires.
Where did you find Revo 2s? I could not get them for nothing. Got Michelin AT2s because I could not find them.
Pics and total price? Was Tigard cheaper than Hillsboro?
Can not say Tigard was any cheaper then Hillsboro.

I have purchased several tires from America's Tire in Tigard, prior to them moving to their new location, even though I live closer to the Hillsboro location.

I was out shopping for tires, stopped in, and the salesmen was willing to honor the $70 mail-in rebate early for me, so I was out the door for $790.00
Plus an additional $50.00 rebate for using the CarCareOne Card will be coming back to me shortly.
Total price $740.00 It's hard to beat that price!

Oh, and I will try and get pics soon.
I've had mine on the truck for about the last 3,000 miles and love them. I've driven them through snow, ice, and rain and am very impressed with their performance. Your price is the only thing that makes me wish I had 16" wheels instead of the 17". I got mine for cost plus 10% from a family friend for a total cost of $760.
Wising I woulda went with the REVO's... these h-cooks suck.
I have E rated revo 2's on my work truck and I love them. Running on hwy or decommisioned forest service roads they have been great. I expect I will be putting them on the frontier when the rugged trails wear down.
I've had Revo's since October and I love them. We had a lot of snow this winter in PA and never had a problem with them!
Everyone wants pictures, but I don't get home till after dark, so here are a couple of crapy cell phone pics of the tires.


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Revo II replaces Revo I

When I picked up my brand new truck in January 2006, I immediately replaced the OEM tires with Bridgestone Revos (passenger grade). They have been wonderful tires getting me through rain and snow. Not much offroading. At the end of their life (today at 43,872 miles) they were a bit loud. I could have gotten more miles out of them but with the snow season approaching...

They were replace with Revo II costing $690 (all in costs) at Costco. Tire noise went down with the new tires. If I get the same performance out of these, I will be happy.
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