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Cross hatching on the cylinders is for honing the rings to the cylinder walls...and having your engine run at 3K RPM for 10 hours straight, won't do anything different than revving your engine from idle to 5K for 10 hours straight.

The cross hatching wears down due to the piston moving across it (rings, specifically) within the neither "knows" nor "cares" how fast the piston moving those rings through the cylinder at any given moment...therefore, for any length of time...
Wrong. You vary the speed to vary the pressures above and below the piston rings, causing them to "flip" so to speak from top to bottom. Breaks them into the cylinder walls and keeps the walls from glazing. If you keep a constant speed, the rings aren't flipping up and down correctly.

I say it's all's a way for manufacturer's to put limits on a vehicle from the get-go, so that A) you learn to drive the vehicle slowly, and B) they get more miles on the clock before it gets driven "normally"...meaning they have less of their warranty to uphold.

From day 1, I drive the vehicle how I intend to drive it. At 1200 miles, I drain out the OE oil and put in my preferred oil and filter...and go from there. I also don't do "3K or 3mo oil changes...that's BS too!
this post ^^^ should be completely ignored.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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