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the dealer told me, and i specifically asked about it, that even small variations in speed are ok. and that 30 minutes was a good time window. as in - if you're going 60 for 30 minutes, then back down or speed up to 65 or something for the next 30 minutes. in any type of normal highway traffic, i think you'll be fine. there was no information i could find to conflict with this.

i also asked how he knew that people test driving didn't violate any of the break in procedures. his answer was less specific, but came down to the cars they sell aren't the ones that get test driven. they have demo vehicles for that.

this is a topic where there does seem to be a fair amount of conflicting information and i'm not sure there is any definitive break-in method. avoid the cruise control seems smart though. and avoid redlining the engine regularly. even how important this is i'm not so sure about though. i had a nissan tech claim that they have to test certain aspects before releasing the car. some of them violate the break in procedures. my feeling is that this is a cya by nissan more than anything else.

i did come across some info on the automatic transmission somehow learning/adjusting to driving style that i'd like to know more about though.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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