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I just drove home in my brand new 2010 Frontier SE 4x4 Night Armor color. I've got a couple of questions. First is about being able to put on audible backup sensors on my truck. Is that possible with the chrome bumper? Really want them as I am coming from a tiny car (honda fit) and will be parking challenged for a while.
My second question is about aftermarket audio. How challenging is it to install a new head unit and front speakers? I have some experience doing so with my honda but not much.
Thanks and I look forward to your replies.
Gregg (Funtier)
First of all, Welcome to the club!

As for the sensors in the bumper, I think you have to have that installed into your truck for that to work. You might try a back-up camera, I don't think they are that expensive. Untill then, you might want to try lowering or removing the rear tailgate to help you till you get used to the size.

And for the audio, they make a wire harness that is specifically for our trucks. Try Crutchfield: LCD TV, Car Stereo, Home Theater, Speakers, Digital Cameras there you can find a harness and a "how to" for installing your head unit and speakers. They have a step by step proccess that you can print out. That is where i got my audio from and was very happy with the whole proccess. If you want an amp insalled, I would recomend taking it to Best Buy or a expert.

1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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