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Hi everyone, I have an Australian Delivered D40 Nissan Navara 2008 Spanish Build.
Recently I purchased a "LED Light Board" to plug into my trailer socket, this is plastic Board with rear lights pre-fitted for use on boat trailers etc.
I only trialed it once after opening up the box etc, and after a few goes checking brake lights, tail lights, reversing lights, indicator/blinkers (In Aus we have a separate amber globe) etc. I found that the brake lights on the ute and the board no longer work!

After thoroughly checking fuses, light bulbs, trailer harness plug wiring, (I even took out the entire rear light harness), brake pedal switches, relays, literally every where, Ive found nothing obvious causing the problem, and my brake lights refuse to light up.

The Brake and Tail lights share the same separate earth wire, the Tail lights work fine, but not the Brake Lights. Here we dont have the centre brake light above the back window, just the 2 at the rear.
All the other lights work fine.

Strange thing is - using an electronic Multi-Meter to check voltage, I have over 13 volts at the "last plug" that goes literally into the brake lights, as soon as I connect a light bulb, the voltage drops to 0.4 volts?
Using a standard bulb filament Test Light, I get a low glow from the Brake Light connections.

A friend of mine suggested the computer could be causing the voltage drop? So I did a computer reset procedure as found on this forum, the ecu light is flashing 4 x 10 which is 0000 no error codes.
I read here that disconnecting the battery for 24 hours does the same thing, so I did that also.
I don't need the ignition turned on to test if the lights are on or not, they normally come on when you touch the brake pedal, so I cant see why the computer is involved if the ignition is not switched on.

The trailer harness was fitted by the nissan dealer when I bought the ute brand new, and it is the genuine nissan connection harness which plugs into the back of the ute wires. I read here that they should have their own wiring direct to the front with separate relays and fuses, but I cant see this has been fitted.

I have in the past towed trailers with standard filament light globes, with no issues.

Strange thing here: when I removed the entire rear wiring harness, unravelled all the plastic and tape, bench tested it all (which worked fine), put it back together, then re-installed it, the brake lights came on again, so I, plugged in the trailer board, everything worked for less than a minute, then out went the brake lights again, so Im back to where I started. Weird?
I didnt actually do anything to fix it, just tested it all, and I couldn't find any faults.

So Ive done everything I can think of again and again, checked fuses, globes, switches etc. still no brake lights.

I do understand how most 12 volt systems work, and to my thinking with 13 volts coming out of the brake light connection, that should make my lights work, right?

I would greatly appreciate if anyone can shed some light onto why these lights are not working? Its got me totally confused.

Ive spent about 4 weeks trying to solve this, so Ive done thorough investigation, with still no answers.

Thank you in advance. ::smile::

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Many of us have had the brake light switch go bad, on my Pathfinder the little plunger pin would get hung up at times. Is it worth it to you to buy a new one and try it?
Good luck, I know how frustrating it must be.


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Last time I had this issue on a vehicle it was actually the switches inside the steering column, everything runs through the connects that your turn signals and what not go through. The thing just wore out and was no longer making the necessary connection for the turn signals or break lights to work. Just another thing you might look at it.
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