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Brake questions

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Just replaced my front rotors and pads with EBC parts. Have a few oddly specific questions.

Slide pins, I assume the top pins have the rubber "sock" on the shaft (not the boots) for anti rattle purposes? The bottom pins were smooth steel like normal. Is there a correct orientation for the pins? I bought the truck used and the brakes had been apart once before.

Anti rattle springs, just one per caliper at the top of the pads? Am I missing the bottom springs or is it just how it is?

Pistons, my passenger side wore crooked but the pistons and pins were moving freely and in good condition. Gave everything a thorough clean and grease.

Pads, the inners wore down to the squealers. The outers had twice as much pad left. Probably normal for the type of brake?
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My pads wore the same way. My mechanic provided an explanation that had something to do with the way dirt interacted with the various components. He didn't think it was cause for concern given my usage of the truck.
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