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$10.00 at Harbor Freight.

I changed mine a while back. I had 141,000 miles on them. I changed everything Rotors and pads, although I probably could have gone another 10-20K. I saved the rotors because they were not worn enough and I will have them machined for future use.

I got that kind of mileage because of my 105 mile daily commute, I only touch the brakes 16 times in a normal day over that 105 miles and I also let up on the gas way before I need to use them. My last set of tires lasted 91,000 miles.
Like you I try my best to be very easy on the brakes. I let off the gas and coast as soon as I see a stop ahead. I always stay several car lengths behind the vehicle in front of me on the Interstate. I am always amused watching people that ride the bumper of the vehicle ahead of them. You can tell they are constantly going from brake to accelerator over and over. Makes NO sense. lol
1 - 2 of 37 Posts
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