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Brake job blunder?

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So I have a 2000 XE CC, when I got it the front driver-side brake caliper was leaking from the rubber around the piston, I had it replaced and it's been fine since. This evening I attempted to replace the brake pads on the truck, starting with the passenger side. No issues until I went to compress the caliper pistons back so that I could get it over the new pads. When I did, brake fluid began leaking out from the same place.

Is this just due to age?
Did I do something wrong?
Is it fixable without replacing the entire caliper?

I've never had this problem with any other vehicles I've owned. I couldn't find any threads in the search related to the 2000. Any info would be awesome.
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After doing some more reading I think I know what caused the leak. After having the other caliper replaced, they probably topped off the brake fluid. When I compressed the caliper piston the fluid probably had nowhere else to go. I guess my real question is whether or not I need to repair it at all, will the o-rings re-seat themselves or are they completely ruined, same for the boots?
Thanks for your help everyone. I've purchased a new caliper and will attempt to replace it myself. Shouldn't be too bad since the calipers have a bleed screw. Does the first gen lounge have a write-up for this yet? I'll take pictures and stuff if there isn't one.
That's great info about the pins, not something I would have thought about. Would WD40 work for those or would I need something more "greasy"?

I don't recall whether I cracked open the reservoir cap or not, I'm guessing not. I also probably should have known that the caliper was close to failure as well but I was trying to knock it out as quickly as I could. My fault for not having patience.
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