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Brake job blunder?

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So I have a 2000 XE CC, when I got it the front driver-side brake caliper was leaking from the rubber around the piston, I had it replaced and it's been fine since. This evening I attempted to replace the brake pads on the truck, starting with the passenger side. No issues until I went to compress the caliper pistons back so that I could get it over the new pads. When I did, brake fluid began leaking out from the same place.

Is this just due to age?
Did I do something wrong?
Is it fixable without replacing the entire caliper?

I've never had this problem with any other vehicles I've owned. I couldn't find any threads in the search related to the 2000. Any info would be awesome.
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When compressing the caliper piston(s), make sure either the master cylinder cap is off or the bleeder screw is open...otherwise the fluid in the caliper will have no place to go except maybe where it shouldn't (i.e. out the seals, etc)

But I echo the previous comments....if one caliper is done, the other isn't far behind. Im on my 3rd set of calipers for my 01 with 75K miles. The biggest issue seems to be the bottom slider pins freezing up with in turn causes caliper issues if you let it go too long. So keep those pins lubed up, once maybe even twice a year. And it seems to be a lot of Nissan products, not just the Frontier. My 01 i30 needed new rear calipers at 60K miles.
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