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Brake job blunder?

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So I have a 2000 XE CC, when I got it the front driver-side brake caliper was leaking from the rubber around the piston, I had it replaced and it's been fine since. This evening I attempted to replace the brake pads on the truck, starting with the passenger side. No issues until I went to compress the caliper pistons back so that I could get it over the new pads. When I did, brake fluid began leaking out from the same place.

Is this just due to age?
Did I do something wrong?
Is it fixable without replacing the entire caliper?

I've never had this problem with any other vehicles I've owned. I couldn't find any threads in the search related to the 2000. Any info would be awesome.
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Silicone grease is best for the slide pins. WD40 is too thin and won't last. FYI, caliper rebuild kits can be purchased instead of purchasing new calipers, so long as the piston is not corroded and the piston bore inside the caliper is also in good shape and one feels competent enough to rebuild it. When compressing the piston, usually the fluid will push past the master cylinder cap seal long before it'll push past the caliper piston seal. I use a vacuum brake pump kit to suck the fluid out of the reservoir before compressing the piston, but a turkey baster will also work; just don't use it for food afterwards!
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