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brake abutment clips question...

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On my 2006 front disc brakes I found 1 brake abutment clip on each front caliper. Is that what should be installed? The kit came with 4.

I hope I called it by the correct name. It is a piece of metal that acts like a spring that fits in a hole of each pad.

Also what is the purpose of the clip?

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The wire thingys that look like Vs?
They're supposed to keep the pads from squealing.. and there's one per side.

Devius1 said, "The wire thingys that look like Vs?" I said, "Yes, that's it"

I took a fresh look at the brakes again and tried to figure it out. It seemed that they would allow the pads to spring back so as to prevent the pads from rubbing on the rotor. So I figured (wrongly) that it out to be symmetrical and pull both ends of the pad off the I installed 2 on each brake.

Think I ought to leave 'em be?
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