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bought an 05' Frontier

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So i bought an 05' Frontier SE with the nismo suspension package (I dont know what the difference between my truck and a NISMO would be) The fuel sender was bad when i bought it, and since i live in Germany i had to buy it via internet. Just got it in and changed it last night. Since i was already down there I went ahead and and did the tranny cooler bypass and changed the oil. The transmission fluid looked dirty so i called the guy i bought it from and he said he never did a flush and fill (71K miles on the truck). I seen that most of you use AMSOIL or Mobil 1 ATF, but they dont sell it here at the BX/PX. My only options are Royal Purple or Mobil multi-vehicle synthetic blend. I know that the royal purple is better, but is it really necessary? It cost over double than the mobil ATF. Please let me know your opinions.
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The Nismo suspension is just billsteins. Yes they do ride better then the oem suspension and work better offroad but that is about it.

They key on the trans fluid is that it much be matic J compatible. As long as it meets that spec you are good to go. The original fluid is non-syn anyway so you don't have to worry if you put in non-syn oil.
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