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Bought a non-op 2003 Frontier; Got the timing belt fixed; Runs with P0430 & a Tick

Bought a 2003 Nissan Frontier XE 3.3L V6 4WD. No supercharger. 166k miles. It wouldn't start. Timing belt was burnt out in one spot and wasn't turning at all. Took the gamble and had the timing belt replaced. She starts and runs smooth but I've got a ticking in the engine, and code P0430. The ticking is quiet, but more noticeable after driving. It almost sounds like a small car low on oil, but the levels are fine. I filmed a youtube video and you can hear the noise here..
I'm wondering if the timing was off by a tooth, or what this noise could be. Truck starts, idles, and drives fine other than the ticking noise. Looking for any advice.

About the Catalytic Efficiency Below Threshold. I'd prefer to do this right and NOT to install an L shaped spacer for the O2 sensor, but I need the truck on the road ASAP. I read a post here on Club Frontier that says the timing could be off to throw a P0430 code. I'm wondering if I should replace the downstream O2 Sensor first, but I doubt that's it.

Also Wondering if I should pull it all back apart and make sure it's all timed up right. I'm not wildly confident in the guy that put it on, but all the marks looked good when I took a peak at his work. I wish I had taken it to a pro, but the truck wasn't running and I needed someone to show up and do it on the spot.

Assume the cat replacement is last on my list.

Thanks in advance...have a good one folks.
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