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Body shop recommendations in Houston, TX??

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Got into another fender bender and need some recommendations for a good body shop in Houston, TX. Last time, I took it to the local Nissan stealership, but didn't really like the job they did. Paint didn't match and hood seams were off. So this time I wanna try a local shop that has a good rep. Any suggestions?? Thanks!
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Champions Collision Center on Cutten Road. Got my Frontier repaired by them when some kid in a BMW 3 series tried to cut me off and dented the driver side bed and rear bumper. They did an excellent job.
6th and Yale Collision and Repair
610 Yale Street, Houston, TX 77007-2534
(713) 869-8288‎

Fairly small but good 'Pop' shop with some nice guys working inside. Took my old frontier there and they did a great job of fixing a nasty scratch/dents all the way down the passenger side. Another time I was there, they were working on a beautiful light green 50s Cadillac full sized sedan.
Bump....any others?
What side of town are you in? That would help alot
I'm on the northwest, but dont mind driving to another area if they do a good job.
I take it the first two shops you didn't like?

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