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Body lift

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I've put the leveling kit on and now wanting a little more. Contemplating a 2" body lift. I've got a straight drive other than the shorter stick what are some of the pros and cons. Any advice would be greatly appreciated before I plunge in to something I may or may not want to do .
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thanks, i don't think i would need a bumper relocation because i have a one piece bumper on my pro 4. Nisstec gives you a longer hose for the radiator but they don't give you power steering bracket. may be all i need to go with it.
I think you would need the bumper relocation bracket, regardless if you have a 1 piece or not. Behind the 1 piece plastic is a metal bumper that is fastened to the frame and sits right inside your 1 piece bumper cover, this would need to be moved up so your plastic 1 piece cover would still fit onto the bumper.
I have a one piece bumper, added a 2" lift, and never lifted my steel bumper. I unfastened the bottom of the plastic bumper and never reattached them, the plastic will stretch over the steel still. Makes it so the stock skid still fastens in place. Easy peasy.

So the stock skid fastens in place? The skid is fastened to the frame. I recently removed my lower half of my 1 piece bumper (with a saw) and don't see how you stretched your plastic over this thing.

See the picket it fits into:

I'd be interested to see how you were able to raise the body 2" and not move the steal inner bumper. I must be confused.
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Errr... wait. The bumper doesn't sit in that pocket. Just the way my pile of none needed parts ended up being stacked.
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