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Body lift

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I've put the leveling kit on and now wanting a little more. Contemplating a 2" body lift. I've got a straight drive other than the shorter stick what are some of the pros and cons. Any advice would be greatly appreciated before I plunge in to something I may or may not want to do .
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I have been thinking about doing a 1 inch body lift on my truck too, think that 2 inch is a little much and the gaps will look ugly. Also have to re mount the front skids afterwards.
Not many cons, i did it on mine to allow a little more room for the tires and love it. I have a lot of other mods but I think it looks great and made more room for the tires.
did you have to relocate anything in the truck? nisstec says you have to relocate your power steering mounting bracket and a few other things.

I got the 4x4 parts kit, it came with front bumper brackets, a new bracket that you use to re attach the power steering bracket and new brackets for the radiator, I would say you don't need to do the power steering or the radiator after the fact, I did it but both parts could easily stay in the same place they were, front bumper brackets make a big difference though

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thanks, i don't think i would need a bumper relocation because i have a one piece bumper on my pro 4. Nisstec gives you a longer hose for the radiator but they don't give you power steering bracket. may be all i need to go with it.
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