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Blower is 100%. AFTER A NEW RESISTOR

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2009 Frontier Pro-4X CC SB.

- Fans started blowing full after 45 minutes of driving (This sucks)
- Disconnected the Resistor and the fans stopped
- Ordered a 4-fin replacement (Part here: More Information for BECK/ARNLEY 2040097)
- After received, tested it hanging in the passenger foot well, and the dash controller worked like a charm again
- Bolted it into place, retested, and it's all good
- The next morning, I drove the car for 2 minutes, turned on the blower, and it went full blast again, and had to disconnect the new unit.
- Got another resistor from a junk yard, and it immediately put the fans to 100% as well.

I feel like something upstream of the resistor is out of wack.

Any advice on this annoying issue would be greatly appreciated!
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Blower motor comes out very easily and is a cheap part. Take it out and manually spin it and see if it has any noticeable drag or maybe debris in the cage. The dash switch can also play into this. My Pathfinder had the blower motor start to get stuck on startup so I changed it.

If I recall correctly some had the back of the control panel melted or other similar type damage.

Yeah, i've read that a few times here and there. Do you happen to have a link to any of those threads?
I'll see if I can find it again.

1 - 3 of 20 Posts
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