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Blower is 100%. AFTER A NEW RESISTOR

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2009 Frontier Pro-4X CC SB.

- Fans started blowing full after 45 minutes of driving (This sucks)
- Disconnected the Resistor and the fans stopped
- Ordered a 4-fin replacement (Part here: More Information for BECK/ARNLEY 2040097)
- After received, tested it hanging in the passenger foot well, and the dash controller worked like a charm again
- Bolted it into place, retested, and it's all good
- The next morning, I drove the car for 2 minutes, turned on the blower, and it went full blast again, and had to disconnect the new unit.
- Got another resistor from a junk yard, and it immediately put the fans to 100% as well.

I feel like something upstream of the resistor is out of wack.

Any advice on this annoying issue would be greatly appreciated!
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I would suspect one of several things.. The blower fan motor is drawing too much amperage and when you turned off and back on, the draw caused the VBC to blow. I remember years ago (I think it was in the early '90's), Nissan had a bad run of blower motors that were drawing excessive amperage and burning out the blower resistors in the Sentras. Less likely, I would consider a poor ground circuit for the VBC or a faulty HVAC controller. If I was going to replace the VBC again, I would definitely install a new blower motor, as well.
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