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Blinking Diff light? ABS light? SLIP light?

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all while driving... come and go for the past few days now i went to nissan and they said"well we will run the codes and see whats up if its not covered under the 60 you pay me 95 big ones"...Prick... anyway anyone have this issue? is it covered under the 60? i would think it would be... thanks
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Diff Lock Control unit.
whats that? so if this under warranty? i crawled under the truck and unpluged the locker to the rear axel and pluged it back it just to see if that would change but didnt do anything
anyone!? thanks
it's the electronic control module... mine did the same thing!!! Dealership wanted $1100 for repair! I found a place in Texas that you can send it to for rebuild. And I'm pretty sure it's not covered
Diff Lock Control unit.
X2, this is it for sure. Same thing happened to me and that is covered under your power train warranty (5yr/60K)
ok good to know... so your saying its covered under the 5 year 60??? the last thing i need is a bill saying i owe 95 dollars for the stealership to plug and push and read a number... and not fix my truck... but if its covered then im bringing it in asap for fix up
I had the same thing happen, twice. First time the dealership replaced the entire rear end. Second time they said it had something to do with the computer because the battery had been recently disconnected (piaa install) and because I don't know how to use 4WD. So he lectured me about how to properly shift in 4W HI...everything he told me I already knew..its not that complicated. Hopefully yours is something minor.
I would like to know the outcome of the results!
how did this turn out my 07 nismo 4x4 kc is doing the same thing went out this morning started truck and boom abs light and slip light on and stays on. I am well past my 60k mile warrenty but I have a 100K certified warrenty maybe it will be covered under that?:crikey::crikey:
Your 100K warranty should be even better coverage than the powertarain warranty. My brother in law has received great coverage and service by buying a certified pre-owned Frontier.

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