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Blew my alternator and snapped my belt

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Well, while Christmas tree hunting out on a mountain trail, my alternator crapped out. I was on a narrow trail with the wife and kids, and a buddy and his family in his Z71. Once the engine ceased, I cranked it back up and snapped the belt, had to get the truck off the trail somehow so I started backing down without any power steering. It was a real PITA. Got the truck turned around and headed to the nearest dealership limping down the road. I was concerned for over heating so I spent most of the drive staring at the temp gauge which never moved. The whole way I was thinking I would be causing additional damage to the truck, but everything seemed normal minus power steering and brakes. The battery was fairly new so it managed to maintain enough juice to get us where we needed to go. I've never had to drive without a serpentine belt on and I'm hoping I didn't cause any additional damage or need of repairs. Everything seemed normal, temp gauge didn't move the slightest bit, engine ran strong. The alternator will be overnight shipped and hopefully the truck will be up and running as perfect as ever by mid afternoon. Just hit 39,000 miles too. What a weak alternator.
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u didnt overheat cuz your water pump is run by the timing chain, not the v-belt. u lose the belt and you lose all accessories (ac, power steering etc) and pray you can make it home before the battery dies.

how did you seize the alt? too much mud in the bearings? here's my write-up for the repair:
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