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Blew my alternator and snapped my belt

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Well, while Christmas tree hunting out on a mountain trail, my alternator crapped out. I was on a narrow trail with the wife and kids, and a buddy and his family in his Z71. Once the engine ceased, I cranked it back up and snapped the belt, had to get the truck off the trail somehow so I started backing down without any power steering. It was a real PITA. Got the truck turned around and headed to the nearest dealership limping down the road. I was concerned for over heating so I spent most of the drive staring at the temp gauge which never moved. The whole way I was thinking I would be causing additional damage to the truck, but everything seemed normal minus power steering and brakes. The battery was fairly new so it managed to maintain enough juice to get us where we needed to go. I've never had to drive without a serpentine belt on and I'm hoping I didn't cause any additional damage or need of repairs. Everything seemed normal, temp gauge didn't move the slightest bit, engine ran strong. The alternator will be overnight shipped and hopefully the truck will be up and running as perfect as ever by mid afternoon. Just hit 39,000 miles too. What a weak alternator.
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Thanks for all the info, as always. The battery is a two month old Duralast....maybe it's time for an Optima! The bearings were what was actually making all the noise, other than that the alternator tested out just fine.
Dubie, once the bearings had enough, the pulley seized stalling my engine (that's my guess, no mechanic here). There wasn't any mud on the engine, the mud barely splattered on the truck. The trail was relatively dry. Since I had to get out of where I was, I cranked the engine up and that's when the belt snapped.
Thanks for the write up, unfortunately I had to have the work done at a dealership. I'm military and had to be back to work today so I had no choice but to leave the truck over night and rent a car. Hopefully the work gets done today.
Man, I tell ya, it was a pain in the a$$. Took six hours to find a car. Enterprise was the only car rental in town, they were out of cars completely....along with the other two Enterprise shops in a 40 mile radius. A girl smashed in the driver's door and broke the mirror of the car she had rented and returned it, so I lucked out. Finally got the P.O.S. at about 1800 and had a five hour drive! Yesterday was an adventure to say the least!

There were two veterans at the dealer. One was a squid the other was in the Army. They were the ones that came through for me and got their hands on the rental. God bless our veterans.
Well, the wife brought the truck back. Every thing ran as perfect as ever for the 300 mile drive home. Even the battery recharged completely. I'm sure it won't last long with a stereo, winch and auxiliary lighting.
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