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BLACKOUTnismo's build thread

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BLACKOUTnismo's build thread *UPDATE 2-14-11*

Well I'm finally going to put a build thread up. Not planning on getting too crazy with it since I'm not much of an offroader. This is my '09 short bed crew cab 4x2 SE. If you have any questions feel free to PM/post! I'll keep adding pictures as things progress. Let me know what ya'll think.

JL audio 10w1v2 sub
JL a1200 monoblock amp
JL g250 2-channel amp
JL 6.5" components front/rear
Custom 10" sub box under passenger rear seat
Pioneer DEH-P5100UB headunit
OTRATTW blue fog/driving/backup light switches in center console
LED interior lights

LED under body courtesy lights
Blacked out grille with black powdercoated Grillcraft MX mesh
5" driving lights behind grille
Blacked out trim
Windows tinted 10%
Blacked out tail lights
Blacked out emblems
NFAB black step bars
Black Powdercoated front/rear bumpers
Factory fog lights
Rear bumper lifted 2" for BL
7-pin tow plug in rear bumper

Flowmaster 40-series muffler
Custom y-pipe 2.5"
Exhaust dumped just before rear axle
K&N drop-in filter

295/70-18 Nitto Trail Grappler MT
18x9" Pro Comp 7089's (6x5.5" bolt pattern)
Fred Goeske Wheel Adapters 6x4.5" to 6x5.5" (1"F thickness, 1.75"R thickness)
2" body lift
CST 4" spindle lift
Adjustable Bilstein 5100's on 0.5" (Front)
1.5" extended AC Coils
Bilstein 5125's for 6" of Lift (Rear)
AC 3" Add-A-Leaf
2" Shackles
Extended ABS Lines
6" Extended SS Brake Lines (Front and Rear)
2" rear shackle
U-Bolt flip

Coming soon:
TC or PRG Upper Control Arms

Here's the picture progression:


2" BL ONLY (2"F, 2"R)

2" BL & 2" COIL SPACER (4"F, 2"R)

2" BL, 2" COIL SPACER, CST SPINDLES & 2" REAR BLOCK (8"F, 4"R) 1-18-11

2" BL, ADJ. BILS w/COILS, SPINDLES, 3" ADD-A-LEAF, 2" SHACKLE (9"F, 7"R) 2-13-11

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Looks really good. What are the plans for the rims? Just black paint or aftermarket?

Also, any more info on these two mods:

Blacked out grille with black Grillcraft mesh
5" driving lights/4" fog lights behind grille
Looks really good. What are the plans for the rims? Just black paint or aftermarket?

Also, any more info on these two mods:

Blacked out grille with black Grillcraft mesh
5" driving lights/4" fog lights behind grille
^^^^ what he said about the lights. I love that look.... Other than that, I like the build. Good job...
My plans are to around February, pickup some 35x12.5x18" tires which I haven't decided on and some sort of rim obviously in black. Havent decided on that either. As of right now I'm leaning toward the KMC XD Monsters and probably the Nitto Trail Grapplers that just came out.

As for the lights/grille. Right now I've got the DIY grille with the lowes steel mesh painted black. I just purchased a 12"x44" of the MX series mesh from Grillcraft to replace that with that will be black powdercoated with my bumpers and am going to get some factory paint and repaint my grille to match. The lights you can search for "lights behind grille" and look at Lanceslide's truck. I basically mimicked his truck for that with a few changes because of the differences between the '08 and '09 front ends. If you want more details I'll be glad to go into depth.
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I am familar with LanceSlides set-up so that is good that you recommend following that. I guess my other question is what lights did you end up using?
I got them from autozone honestly priced a lot less and work plenty good for what I needed them for.
Truck looks great, did you do the taillights yourself or have a shop do them?
I did them myself with VHT nightshades. I just didn't follow the directions. I did this:

Wet sand lights 800-100
Spray nightshades to liking
Wet sand 1000
Spray about 6 coats of automotive clear coat
Wet sand 800-1000
rubbing compound
Polishing compound
Mothers sealer/glaze
Mothers wax

They look amazing and match the glossiness of the truck and looks professional.
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I'll be picking up my bumpers today from the powder coated and installing my step bars tomorrow. Repainting my grille with color matched paint and got new mesh from grill raft that got powdercoated as well. I'll have new pics by the beginning of next week.
your truck look sick I like where you are going with it very nice...
New Pictures of the toys I just got in the OP. Bumpers are done and installed with factory fogs, look great. I removed the fog lights I had behind the grille so I'll only have an extra set of driving lights behind that. N-FAB step bars are installed, look badass. I'm currently repainting my grille, fog surround trim and upper bumper valance. I'll finish that stuff on Sunday. Overall I'm pretty happy how this look for my truck is going. Let me know what ya'll think!
Why is the piece above the bumper missing?

nevermind...saw it in your up finished pics soon.
Well I finally finished my projects for this go around. Got the Front Bumper Upper valance repainted, painted the grill and fog light trim with factory paint, the powdercoated bumpers are on, replaced the grill mesh with grillcraft MX mesh, N-FAB step bars are on, and painted all the plastic trim black. So project "Murdered Out Frontier" is almost complete. Please let me know what ya'll think! Without further a due....

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Truck looks sweet man! I just noticed you are from Ocala...I'm in gainesville, you are probably the closest member to me on here.
I actually just moved to Gainesville, you'll probably see me runnin around.
Awesome I'll keep a lookout for ya!
Looks good. Now you need some black XD Addicts to replace the factory wheels.
does it sound ricey at all with that flowmaster 40?

ah and your in the union, cool beans. Are you hired on with GFD?
The flowmaster 40 sounds good. My 2.5" true y-pipe definitely warmed it up a little more though.

I work for Marion county fire rescue.
The truck looks friggin' great!

I have def found my next mod (grill lights) excellent job.

Do you have any blocks or shackles in the rear for lift or is it all stock? I ask because i'm doing a 2" BL in a month.

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