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Black Anodized Autovation Racing Pedals Installed

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Hey guys I haven't got to post the pics up of these yet. I ordered the black anodized autovation racing pedals and used a 35% coupon code that I found. The install wasn't too bad but a little harder than I thought. Just have to work and take the time to make sure they get aligned properly. And I snapped a little drillbit. In the end it took me about an hour and a half and I love the look of them. Plus the feel of them too I like how the gas pedal sticks over to the left a little more and the pedals are generally a little bigger. Also, if anyone is thinking that these things would be slippery in the rain and what not I can tell you that you definitely dont have to worry. I ordered the competition series with the grip only on the clutch and brake and the accelerator smooth. I think the clutch and brake almost have too much grip with me just wearing my worn out Vans. I opted not to install the dead pedal though cause it just aint my style and my weathertechs would cover it up anyways. Heres some pics!

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Those are some nice looking pedals.
looks cool man
thanks man. here you go.

Nissan Frontier

Also here is the 35% off coupon code I found. It seriously works too.
Coupon Code: 1142738888

They're a little pricey though, but they're a custom fit and are solid since they're bolted right on. I think the basic ones with the competition pattern and regular aluminum finish are like $79. But since you got the 35% off code its like 50 something.
Those look great.

I'm cuious to see if the anodizing will show wear thru in about a month, considering the rubbbing on them.
yah i was wondering about that too. im not sure if they will. if they do i can just refinish them. actually ill probably contact autovation first.
those are pretty sweet, one more thing im tempted to buy now.
The brake pedal will. I've got the competition series too, but in the silver/gray finish and it started wearing after a few months but still looks good - like you said pricey but the best pedal set out for our trucks.

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yah man your thread was one i looked off of. thanks a lot. yah i wont be too bothered if they wear down some. but man i just drove it again and i got a lot, almost too much, grip on my clutch pedal. i still really like them though.
Those look great! Definitely the best pedals available. One of the first things I got for the truck. Worth every penny.

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looking sick!
yah man your thread was one i looked off of. thanks a lot. yah i wont be too bothered if they wear down some. but man i just drove it again and i got a lot, almost too much, grip on my clutch pedal. i still really like them though.
No problem. I’m with you, I didn’t expect it to grip anything like the factory but the break pedal is A LOT stickier than factory.

THANKS for the heads-up ! i ordered a set of black pedals on Monday (2/15) and the coupon code you listed STILL WORKS :fantastic:

look forward to getting them by Sunday because i plan on doing alot to my truck this weekend:

Getting my LEER700 installed Saturday
changing out headlight & fog light bulbs to Sylvania Ultra bulbs
installing my Volant CAI
installing pedals (if i get them in time)
installing my Ramage bug-flector

thanks again for the heads up
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sick man!
Hey guys - I tired posting in another Forum, but got no responses. A question for you pedal guys:

Autovation says they can make the accelerator pedal either standard (slippery) or with the same grip pattern as the clutch/brake pedals. Some people have said the pedals are almost too "grippy" - would this be an issue for the accelerator pedal?
the pedals are pretty grippy, but the standard is to have the accelerator pedal smooth and thats what i went with. Cause on the brake and clutch your whole foot is pressing down on the pedal and on the accelerator the balls of your feet are kind of rotating on the pedal or what not. Hard to explain. From what I understand though its standard to have a smooth accelerator pedal.
You want the accelerator to be smooth so you can easily slide your foot from gas to brake. You don't want your foot getting hung up on the gas for even a split second if you have to hit the brakes quickly.

I've had my foot get hung up for a quick moment going from brake to gas. I have the grid pattern on my brake and clutch and a smooth gas pedal.
if you're referring to mine they are weathertechs
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