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Bilstein HD4600 shocks!

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I put a set of these on my truck this week. I actually almost put KYBs on it but I'm glad I didn't! If your on the fence or worried these will be to "heavy duty", don't worry about it!

I had a set of Bilsteins on an old Ranger years ago and hated them. Way to rough of a ride and damping. They obviously weren't valves correctly for the single cab short bed truck. These Bilsteins for our trucks are valved for our trucks though! I can't believe the control my truck has now.

I also put a set of Yokohama Geolander A/T G015 tires on it today too (thanks DTD and my local DT). Very smooth ride and extremely quiet too! Happy 6th BDay to my truck!
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Quietest AT tire I've ever come across, you'll love em
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