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Bike Rack?

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Anyone have a bike rack that works with the utilitrack system and a Crew Cab short bed?
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How do you keep the fork on? Can you explain how you did this in detail? Does it securely hold the bike even on rutted gravel roads? I want to do something like this but am totally unfamiliar with electrical things. I'd appreciate it!


I used my old mounts and bolted them with Superstruts (for electrical conduit mounting) from Home Depot. 1/4" bolt fits in the threaded hole and a spring loaded superstrut slides right into the utili-trac rail. They can be used for bolting just about anything to the rail.

Bought those little nuts yesterday. Performancebike has the mounts on sale for $9.99 online. How secure will this be though, on rutted gravel roads? Do I need to do anything to the back of the bike to keep it from swaying around?
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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