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bi xenon help

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Well I installed a 55w hi/lo kit from ddm w/ harness and hi/lo ciontroller. everything went together fine with a few issues a first timer is bound to run into. Took me about an hour. Look great super bright and not blindingafter i adjusted them. When i switch from lo to hi it works fine. when i go from hi to lo the bulb goes out for a second or maybe .5 second. I called DDM and they said it was my truck cutting power from hi to switch from lo. Im running the relay harnes so my frontier is only sending a signal. the lights are being powered dirctly from the battery. Any suggestions on what it could be or how to remedy it. Ill eventually get some pics up. i havent swapped the fogs yet, lastnight i was playing w/ the driving lights.
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It's the controller doing the power cut off. When you switch from Lo to Hi, the frontier sends the signal, but when you switch from Hi to Lo, the controller thinks you turns Off (on Hi) to On (on Lo).
No, that's what the wiring harness does to the ballast.
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