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bg44k power enhancer

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Has anyone used this product? If so, is it worth the money? How often do you use it? Thanks guys.
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What is it you expect it to do? It's just an injector cleaner. What that calculates to is that it won't do anything. You certainly were not expecting better performance or mileage were you? Well, as much as the marketing might tell you it will you can rest assured it won't and only add to your fuel costs.

If you want the good stuff go down to Kragen or like and get the concentrated Techron. It will at least do a good job of cleaning your likely already clean injectors.

Unleaded fuel, for the most part doesn't dirty injectors or spark plugs. That's why spark plugs last 100,000 miles now. I recently bought new injectors for a 94 Toyota I have, thinking it was the reason it was running rough. The old injectors looked almost as good as the new ones and they had 166K on them. It turned out I had a couple of bad valves which is typical for the Toyo 3.slow V6.

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