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BF AT's psi

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hey everyone...sorry if this is a repost..but ive been searching for a while and i cant find the answer im looking for.

i purchased yesterday a new set of BF goodrich at's 265/75-16. what psi do you guys run them, for city and highway driving?

im leaving for a 1000 mile drive friday morning and i want to make sure i'm running a good psi, and i dont have time to do some chaulk tests.

thanks in advance and appologies if this is a repost.

06 crew cab nismo
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on road trips with a lot of highway I ran 45PSI, commuting I ran 35psi, in the winter on snow/ice I ran 28PSi, Wheeling on dirt 18-25PSI, Snow/Sand wheeling 12-15 PSi..
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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