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BF AT's psi

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hey everyone...sorry if this is a repost..but ive been searching for a while and i cant find the answer im looking for.

i purchased yesterday a new set of BF goodrich at's 265/75-16. what psi do you guys run them, for city and highway driving?

im leaving for a 1000 mile drive friday morning and i want to make sure i'm running a good psi, and i dont have time to do some chaulk tests.

thanks in advance and appologies if this is a repost.

06 crew cab nismo
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I have the exact same tires as you. I'm sure others will chime in but here's my experience.

I run them right at the factory suggested 35psi. Now, they're an E load and I'm sure people will say that's too low. I had them at 40psi and 45psi and driving the truck at highway speeds was none too fun, truck was very loose.

I also had to go through a bit of battling to get the them balanced as I had a pretty bad shimmy in the wheel. Had the dealer re-balance them and it's pretty good now.

One thing, in my experience with these tires (this is my 3rd set) you will get a lot more road feel in the wheel then you did with other, softer compound/sidewall tires. These things are heavy and the sidewalls are like iron so you're going to get more road feel in the wheel and the seat.

These are my experiences with the BFG A/T tires. All 3 sets I've had, one on the Frontier and two on my old Ranger all behaved the same way more or less. I still bought them. They are a fantastic tire. Once you get some wear on them they really are amazing. Two major keys to long tread life with these, proper inflation and rotate them every other oil change.
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