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Best online retailers for wheels?

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I want to get a set of aftermarket rims and larger tires.

Anyone know of any retailers that have good prices?

Ideally, I'd like a place that accepts Paypal.

I looked on They take Paypal which is a plus. Their prices seem high though.

Anyone have any rim and tire recommendations? I'm looking for something that I can drive on everyday. Something that is good in the snow and offroad. I'd like to get something that is larger so it looks good. Not sure what size rim or tires that I should be looking at.

I'm considering a slight lift but I haven't started researching that yet.

Thanks in advance for your suggestions.
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Our site sponsors would be a good place to start. They work with you for the best price available being a forum member. I bought my wheels from Auto Anything (used a seasonal promo code) and my tires I bought locally (price matched). There are many threads you can find here on tires for a daily driver and snow/off-roading.

I've bought tires in the past from Tread Depot, Firestone, Kaufmann tires, & Sears. Tread Depot is owned by Kaufmann tires which you can find a local installer that you can save $ on the installation fees (compared to that local installer's listed fees). They also have a decent amount of wheels to select from in our bolt pattern.

You can use this calculator to estimate fit (wheel, tire size, offset) and speedometer differences from stock.

Good luck in your search.

Thanks for the helpful post. I'll check all that out.
Auto Anything looks to have some reasonable prices.

Where did you find the promo code?
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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