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Best diagnostic tool available

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Hello fellow frontier owners!
I just picked up a 2005 Frontier. Love the truck so far, but like most of you want to do some mods. I came from the VW world and we had this diagnostic software called VAG-COM. It allowed you to do anything to the car, from programming keys (once you got the SKC from the dealer), turn on and off seat belt chimes, remote operate windows, heck, even change out a complete gauge cluster. (Click here for complete list of what could be done with VAG-Com) All you needed was the software, a computer, and the ODBII plug. Trying to find something similar for Nissan. Other than the 4,800 dollar consult tool, have you guys run into anything that you would recommend. Again looking for a diagnostic tool, not a scanner.

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Other than a normal(high end) scan tool, I'd say the uprev osirus software is best. I don't think it changes everything though, just engine parameters
Yeah as far as diagnostics go, most of the software out there is read-only OBDII reading software when it comes to nissan, boo.
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