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Best 1/8 on the dragstrip

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I took the truck to the local dragstrip. Every Wed. that allow you to run from 6 pm till 10 pm. As many runs as you can do for $20.

Here is my best pass:
R/T 0.663 (After sitting on the line spinning the tires):damn:
60' 2.533
330 6.886
1/8 10.409
MPH 70.15

It was hard to get the tires to stick. I took off at 2K rpms, spun the tires at every shift point. My mods are part of my sig. Sorry no pics, it was dark and the track lighting was really bad.
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That's cool. I was thinking traditional 1/4 mile track, and when I saw your time, I was shocked. I was pissed because I have over 30K in my 64 Malibu and she only gets mid 13's. Haha, my mistake.
I think I could have gotten into the 9's if I could get it to stick. My R/T was also really bad, I only have 6200 miles on it and the tires. I will probably go again after I install a Gibson or JBA catback
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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