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Belt Changing Q's

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Searched and couldn't find anything pertaining to the problem ;)

Ok, I've changed belts on this truck when I bought it. All of them were easy, but now the alternator/water pump is giving me fits. I can loosen the holding nut (not sure if that's the correct term or not) and loosen the adjusting bolt almost all the way. Well, I can't get the alt to budge so I can slip off the old belt. Buddy of mine helped last time, so he could have done something different. Tried tightening it really tight to try and break it free, but it didn't work. Tapped lightly on the alt and it did nothing. The belt happened to be a little loose, so coincidentally when I tightened it back up I was squeak free, but I got the new belts anyway and it's not hard to do. Anybody run into this before?
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I just did all my belts yesterday and under no load I could hear a whine from the alternator. Did I over tighten the alternator belt?
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